Chapel of Light Painting

Unity of Santa Maria Welcomes You!

We invite you to join us at our
Sunday Celebration Service at 11am in our Chapel Of Light.

We are located at 1165 Stubblefield Road in the community of Orcutt, California.

Unity honors the universal truths in ALL religions,
and respects each individual's right to choose their own spiritual path.

At Unity of Santa Maria we honor, affirm and celebrate you, just the way you are.

 At Unity of Santa Maria 

We meet in person each Sunday at 11:00 am in the Chapel of Light.  Everyone is invited to join us for food and fellowship in the activities center following the morning service.

We are located at 1165 Stubblefield Road near the corner of South Bradley Road in Orcutt, California.

At Unity of Santa Maria, we offer inspirational Sunday Services, Prayer Circles, classes, fellowship,  special events, and other opportunities to join with others of like-mind and heart.

Unity is a positive, practical, and progressive approach to spiritual teachings, with a focus on the teachings of Jesus, as well as the Truth in all spiritual paths.

At Unity of Santa Maria we honor, affirm and celebrate you just the way you are.

Visit our Services & Events pages for information on Sunday service speakers and musical guests,  Prayer Circles, classes, Concerts, and other community happenings.

Unity's 5 Basic Principles

Principle One
God is everywhere and always present in every circumstance. This divine energy underlies and animates all of existence.

Principle Two
Human beings are innately good because they are connected to and are an expression of Spirit.

Principle Three
Our thoughts have creative power to influence events and determine our experiences.

Principle Four
Prayer and meditation connect and align us to our own spiritual nature and to God.

Principle Five
It's not enough to understand spiritual teachings.  We must apply our learning in all areas of life incorporating them into our thoughts, words, and actions.


Prayer has been the heart of Unity for over a century.

You can call or write Silent Unity about any need, day or night, and someone will pray with you.

All prayer requests are held in confidence
and treated with reverence.

Prayer Circle

The prayer circle meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 9:30am in the Chapel of Light.

This month:  May 11th and May 25th

We will join together holding one another, our world, and the planet in prayer at our prayer circle. Everyone is invited to come join the circle.  Our prayer team leader Judy Espiau will facilitate.

Our prayer line: 

805-937-3000 for an inspirational prayer, 24-hours a day

For Silent Unity:

Call 1- 816-969-2000 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. (CT), 3 a.m. to 11 p.m. (PT)


Board of Trustees

Ruthanne Jennings, President     
Suzan Williams, Vice President
Diane Grey, Treasurer               
Marti Shute, Secretary

You may contact us at:
(805) 937-3025  Please leave a message

Board of Trustees

Unity of Santa Maria is a 501(c)3 Religious Organization
and we gratefully accept your Tax Exempt contributions.

You can send a check to Unity of Santa Maria at:
1165 Stubblefield Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93455
Thank you for your continued support during these times of transformation.